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Individuals & Private Clients

Obermayer’s team of experienced and well-regarded attorneys handle the complex concerns of private individuals; from divorce and custody to difficult litigation, wealth and estate issues, and more.

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We are sought by private individuals when they are facing complex disputes and sophisticated wealth, tax and estate issues. For example:

  • Obermayer’s Trust & Estates team includes attorneys who help clients formulate and implement effective wealth transfer plans that preserve a client’s legacy; and
  • Clients turn to us during the often painful process of a divorce. We work as an integrated team of tax, corporate, real estate, and trust and estate attorneys to provide a comprehensive approach to complex family law matters.

We also represent private individuals of extraordinary ability in immigration, tax, and intellectual property matters. Our clients include professional athletes, academic researchers, professors, international medical graduates and physicians.

  • We finalized a divorce settlement that included a buyout of an alimony obligation and distribution of significant assets. Since the case involved parties with high net worth, their agreement reflected an extensively negotiated arrangement regarding child support, joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s children, and maintenance of the children’s ongoing needs.
  • After our client spent several years and a lot of money, without making progress, with a prior attorney, our team expedited the grant in the U.S. of his technology, which allowed his business to license it to a large pharmaceutical company.
  • We advise executives starting a new position or negotiating a separation/retirement. We help these clients understand compensation and benefits packages from a business, tax, and financial standpoint as well as identify areas of concern and leverage points for negotiations.
  • We regularly provide advice and guidance to executors and trustees, as well as to the beneficiaries of trust funds, on the proper and most tax-efficient means of administering probate and non-probate estates and trusts.

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