Labor & Employment

Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits

We counsel employers regarding all types of retirement and welfare benefit plans, representing both public and private sector clients in complex matters concerning the employer-employee relationship.

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Employers seek our counsel when facing sophisticated issues involving employee benefit plans and executive compensation. We offer clients advice and representation for issues and disputes arising from ERISA, federal and state tax laws, HIPAA, COBRA, and the many other complex laws that govern employee benefits.

Our Value

We have significant experience in developing non-qualified plans as a way to supplement our clients’ qualified benefit plans. These plans are generally less regulated and, therefore, provide clients with a greater ability to tailor benefits, motivate a workforce, and retain long-term talent.

The members of our Executive Compensation team have broad business and life experiences, offer clients an integrated team approach, and a 360-degree understanding of the client’s objectives and goals from both tax and employment law perspectives. In addition to being knowledgeable in our areas of expertise, members of Obermayer’s Executive Compensation team have strong client relationships and, as a result, our clients trust us with the most important and sensitive matters.

Our Clients

In general, our clients fall into three categories:

  • We advise executives starting a new position or negotiating a separation/retirement. We help these clients understand compensation and benefits packages from a business, tax, and financial standpoint as well as identify areas of concern and leverage points for negotiations.
  • We help companies establish and maintain cost-effective executive compensation plans and policies that promote the companies’ growth and retain long-term talent for continued corporate success.
  • We represent well-established and startup companies in crafting compensation plans and policies to reward longtime employees and to attract new talent. Many of these companies are looking for an innovative way to motivate and retain their workforce. In addition, some companies are looking to compensate their long-term employees through equity awards which then parlay into corporate succession planning.

From an individual executive’s perspective, the main concern we encounter is helping the client understand the financial ramifications of the compensation and benefits package on the client’s unique individual/family situation. The financial results impact not only the individual executive but also the client’s immediate family for many years.


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