Labor & Employment

Counseling, Compliance & Training

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We partner with human resources personnel, offering across-the-board expertise in real-time and creating solutions that keep employers compliant and that further the client’s business needs.

Our Value

Our clients rely on our case-by-case analysis, depth of knowledge and ability to ask the right questions at the right time. Our broad, collective experience allows us to offer an interdisciplinary approach to client counseling. We provide valuable insight to prevent client missteps and foresee obstacles before claims arise. We are adept at working with employers with limited budgets and other pressures to provide cost-effective resolutions to common employment issues.

Clients value our collaborative approach to long-term planning and problem-solving. Clients also have direct access to our attorneys and can rely on quick response times, resulting in greater peace of mind.

We regularly provide behind the scenes advice, which allows our clients themselves to put out fires, resulting in more cost-efficient solutions. We help employers make incisive decisions leading to quick results and the reduction of risk of liability. We focus on learning the unique business needs of our particular clients in order to provide individualized counsel, saving the client time and money.

Our Clients

We partner with our clients to develop innovative policies and procedures, implement employee training, navigate employee disputes, and, generally, create cost-effective solutions. We enable our clients to create a tolerant, harmonious, and productive working environment. Our clients look to avoid litigation while protecting their business interests.

Our Focus

Obermayer’s Labor Relations and Employment attorneys partner with employers to address issues including:

  • Drafting and revising Employee Handbooks and other policies and procedures
  • Designing and conducting employee trainings
  • Classifying employees and other wage and hour issues
  • Addressing employee leave issues
  • Responding to requests for reasonable accommodations
  • Investigating and addressing complaints of discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  • Guiding them through the disciplinary process and employee retention and termination
  • Helping further business needs when a reduction in force or change in location is necessary, and
  • Navigating the complex web of statutes regulating the employment context


Awards Won*

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  • We worked with a medical provider in the midst of an employee mutiny involving numerous threats of litigation. We developed a comprehensive plan to stabilize the business and avoid litigation, enabling the client to improve the services it provided to their patients.
  • We were contacted by a tech company for advice on an employee leave issue. It became clear that the issue far surpassed leave, and the client faced the threat of liability due to failure to recognize and respond to a request for accommodation. We guided the employer through the ADA interactive process, resolving conflict in the workplace and preventing further escalation.
  • A large construction client sought bilingual training to address harassment and discrimination issues. Our attorneys provided comprehensive training, but more importantly, spent quality time with ground-level employees, resulting in discovery of rampant workplace abuses.