At Obermayer, we are always seeking to grow through the addition of employees who share our values. Our culture is one of collaboration, integrity, and community involvement. We value our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and positive workplace culture. Our Wellness Committee offers lots of ways to stay healthy and involved. We also encourage our employees to maintain a work-life balance.


“I’ve been with Obermayer since I was a Summer Associate. I have always appreciated Obermayer’s camaraderie and the sense that we really are a family. That cultural perspective does not detract from our work; it enhances it. We deliberately give our attorneys real legal experience years before many other firms might, and we support them as they build their own practices. There’s no other firm at which I would rather be.”

- Mathieu J. Shapiro, Managing Partner

“Obermayer’s reputation for its positive work atmosphere and the importance Obermayer places on its employees, along with serving the community, is what brought me here.”

- Andrew Frey, Chief Operating Officer

“I like the connection that I have with my colleagues, Obermayer is a group of very well educated, highly motivated people that work very hard and very well together and are always there to help each other.”

- Erika Bowles, Administrative Assistant

Lateral Partners

As a mid-sized law firm, Obermayer allows attorneys to develop their practices and define their careers. Our culture embraces and rewards attorneys who contribute to the firm’s success. If you are interested in becoming a lateral partner, contact Mathieu Shapiro at mathieu.shapiro@obermayer.com.


We offer associates direct contact with clients and believe it is never too early to start developing business. If you are interested in becoming an associate at Obermayer, please contact recruiting@obermayer.com.

Law Students

Each year, we accept first year law students from the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group Fellows Program for summer employment. If you are a law student who would like to be considered for this program, please click here.

Administrative Recruiting

We value our administrative staff and their contributions to the success of the firm. If you are seeking opportunities to be part of Obermayer’s administrative staff, please contact recruiting@obermayer.com.