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Mediation is an efficient option and a less combative way to reach an agreeable divorce, support or custody settlement.

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Dedicated Mediation Lawyers serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Litigation can take an enormous toll, financially and emotionally. Mediation is an efficient, amicable and expeditious alternative that couples seeking a divorce often pursue. Our mediation lawyers are highly experienced in this area.

At the conclusion of the mediation process the mediator usually prepares a summary of the decisions reached. If the summary is to become a legally binding agreement, the mediator can draft a formal agreement. A mediator does not make decisions for the couple and does not provide legal advice or representation.

Our Value

Obermayer’s experienced mediators are family law attorneys who know the difficulties and issues related to a divorce or separation. We help clients focus on the most important issues in order to resolve conflicts amicably and to facilitate agreements with collaboration and respect. We have experience, training, and high ethical standards that help serve our clients, empowering them to reach agreements and solutions while providing a safe space for negotiations and results.

Each mediation matter receives our personal attention. We understand that our clients are going through extremely difficult times in their lives and we make every effort to alleviate stress and tension. We work through cases issue by issue and ensure that our clients’ concerns are addressed every step of the way. We strive to keep fees reasonable for everyone and facilitate resolutions that are tailored for each couple.

Our Clients

We provide parties seeking a divorce, separation and custody disputes with a voluntary mediation process that gives them the opportunity to work together to develop a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation is a process in which each person defines their priorities, and then the parties work together to achieve amicable agreements. This process allows the parties to have significant control about issues impacting their family and their finances after separation or divorce.

The primary benefit of mediation is that the parties control the shape and terms of their agreement. Our skilled mediation lawyers can address and resolve equitable distribution (division of assets), alimony, child support and spousal support, custody, and visitation schedules.

Our Focus

Couples getting divorced or separated have the opportunity to listen to and talk with each other, share information, consider each other’s perspectives, and make voluntary decisions, with the assistance and support of a neutral third party.

Our Highly Capable Mediation Lawyers Can Help You

If you need to discuss a mediation issue, contact our highly experienced mediation attorneys.  Please contact our firm using our contact us form. The lawyers at Obermayer represent clients in mediation and other matters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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