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At Obermayer, we do whatever is necessary to ensure that our clients receive a custody schedule that is in the best interest of their child or children.

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Committed Custody Lawyers serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware


Our Value

We have extensive experience in all aspects of child custody proceedings in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware from the trial level all the way to the highest courts in each of the respective states. Our custody lawyers have written numerous articles and have taught hundreds of courses on a variety of custody topics. One of our lawyers is the author of the most widely respected treatise on custody in Pennsylvania. Members of our team have even helped craft Pennsylvania’s child custody laws and rules, so we have a keen understanding of how those laws and rules may influence the outcome of a custody dispute. It is this experience and perspective that allows our PA & New Jersey custody lawyers to provide our clients with practical and proven advice and representation that can help to resolve even the most complex custody problems in the best interest of the child or children involved.

Our Clients

Our team works with parents and grandparents who are trying to obtain custody of their children or grandchildren. We also assist parents who need to relocate out-of-state and want to take their children with them to a new jurisdiction, as well as parents who oppose having their children relocated to another state. No matter the situation, we realize there is nothing more important than the safety and health of our clients’ children. To this end, we recognize that each client is unique and brings their own set of facts and circumstances to the table. Our dedicated New Jersey custody lawyers spend whatever time is necessary to educate our clients about the process they are about to undertake. We strategize on how to present their circumstances in the best possible light so that the court will agree that the children’s best interests will be served by awarding our clients the custody they desire.

Our Focus

We strive to obtain the best possible results for our clients. However, when it comes to custody, our focus is also on the best interests of the children involved. One of the biggest concerns our clients have is whether their children will be safe while in the custody of the other parent. This is especially true when one parent has an alcohol or substance abuse problem. In those cases, it is our job to protect the children while still allowing the children the opportunity to spend time with that parent. For this reason, our highly experienced New Jersey custody attorneys vigorously advocate for safeguards to be placed in the custody order to provide peace of mind for our clients. As an example, a parent who has an alcohol problem would be ordered to pass an on-site sobriety test, using an ignition interlock device, before being able to drive away with the children in their car.

In the end, we are committed to developing a custodial schedule that is truly child-focused and child-oriented. In all custody cases, no matter the situation, this is our primary goal, one we work hard to achieve.

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