Delisa Maria Martinez Lizardo

Located in

Philadelphia, PA

“I am from the Dominican Republic; I am a lawyer in DR and am fluent in Spanish.”

- Delisa Martinez

“I am from the Dominican Republic; I am a lawyer in DR and am fluent in Spanish.”

- Delisa Martinez

Delisa is an attorney in Obermayer’s Resident-at-Law program, which gives her the opportunity to be exposed to a broad range of disciplines, specialty areas, and training. Delisa works on various projects throughout the firm. Delisa became a lawyer because it is a career that gives her purpose, while it challenges her.

Delisa approaches every assignment with the particularity that it requires and uses her abilities to help the client with their specific needs. She actively listens to her clients’ issues so that she can find the most effective way to accomplish their objectives.

In her free time, Delisa loves to travel, explore new places, and new food, and learn about different cultures. She also enjoys music, going to concerts, and dancing.

After graduating from law school in the Dominican Republic and practicing there for almost four years, Delisa moved to the U.S., where she returned to law school. Her prior experience in the Dominican Republic has taught her how to guide clients on various aspects of the legal process, such as case analysis, strategy development, negotiation, and courtroom representation.

In her law school journey, Delisa obtained the Best Student Performance Award in legal writing, foundation of legal analysis, and international business transactions. Moreover, she received the Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Legal Ethics. She graduated from Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law and was a recipient of the Global Leadership Scholarship. Delisa also served as a Global JD Representative for the Student Bar Association and was the Secretary of the Latin American Law Student Association.

While in the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, pursuing her B.A. in Law, Delisa was a recipient of the Amín Abel Prize: Honor of Student Merit.

Delisa is a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania.