Bankruptcy & Business Reorganizations

Debt Counseling

Our business clients look to Obermayer for guidance in creating solutions for their most pressing financial challenges. We leverage years of practical, first-hand business operating and tax experience to identify the root cause of business distress and to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions for long-term success.

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Obermayer’s Debt Counseling team solves financial problems for businesses and preserves enterprise value, jobs, local industry, and business legacies. Many of our clients have been operating for years, but have not made the necessary adjustments to the ever-changing economic environment. We examine and analyze a client’s finances to determine the company’s viability, the need for restructuring, and, potentially, the appropriateness of bankruptcy or other solutions.

Our Value

Obermayer understands how to deal with debt. We recognize that most business finance issues relate to cash flow shortages and liquidity. We start with an assessment of a company’s finances and financial needs from a cash flow basis, determining a company’s operational strengths and weaknesses in order to understand the level of debt that a company can sustain. If the company has cash flow shortages or is over-leveraged, we advise on how to reduce debt, manage finances, and address the shortfalls or liquidity issues.

Our team has a breadth and depth of experience that is directed toward restoring financial stability to our clients and delivering the highest level of client service and satisfaction. We are innovative in the art of creating legal leverage, which resolves cases.

Our Clients

Our attorneys work closely and collaboratively with clients, providing counsel and advice for debt management while exploring alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. Obermayer’s network of accountants, bankers, financial analysts, and investor groups is an invaluable resource for successful restructuring or bankruptcy reorganization.

Our Focus

All of our team members have extensive business restructuring experience and bring many years of collective experience to each client’s financial issues. Obermayer provides large-firm results and resources at mid-size-firm rates.

Obermayer restores stability to often chaotic situations where a company is facing financial distress or is threatened with imminent closure. We analyze the underlying problems confronting the company and create and execute practical, effective, and lasting solutions. As the cornerstone for success, Obermayer is committed to effective and clear communication and providing our clients with a complete and meaningful understanding of the debt management and restructuring process.