Labor & Employment

Employment-Related Agreements

We work with employers to craft legal, valid, and enforceable employment agreements for all stages of the employment relationship.

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Employers throughout the U.S. seek Obermayer’s services to prepare sophisticated employment-related agreements tailored to our clients’ business needs. Thanks to our years of experience, we are adept at helping clients protect confidential information and prevent unfair competition when an employee leaves. Accordingly, we regularly negotiate, draft, and litigate agreements that address complex non-solicitation, non-disclosure and non-compete issues.

Our Value

The breadth and depth of our experience makes our team better able to thoroughly review employment-related agreements. We spot potential problems during the drafting phase, which helps ensure the enforceability of the agreement, reducing future potential harm. However, should a dispute arise, our talented team of litigators will work with the client to bring about a successful resolution.

Our Clients

Clients turn to us when they are facing issues involving pay, benefits and other types of compensation. We also work on confidential severance agreements and independent contractor agreements. As a full-service firm, when a client’s issues call for interdisciplinary solutions, our team possesses the skills and has seamless access to the resources necessary to prevail.

Awards Won*

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  • We represented an international staffing company in bi-coastal lawsuits over a non-competition and non-solicitation agreement that threatened the future of their business. We prevented a former employee from starting a competing, parallel business, and taking our employees and clients.
  • A client came to us seeking to hire an employee subject to a non-compete agreement with a competitor. We scrutinized the agreement and developed sufficient ammunition to negotiate a low-cost and timely resolution.
  • An employer sought to restructure the C-suite in order to prompt a resignation and severance from a poor performing executive. Our team guided the client through the separation process by crafting a separation agreement, advising on messaging to the employee, and negotiating to resolve the potential exposure. The client received buy-in from the employee.