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As the ever-changing world of technology impacts the way business is conducted, so too does it affect the way litigation is conducted. The abundance of electronic information now available makes it more important than ever that companies prepare for the possibility of litigation. Failure to prepare can leave a company facing burdensome and overwhelming electronic discovery requests. Failure to respond adequately to the requests may lead to legal sanctions or default judgments.  The attorneys in Obermayer's E-Discovery Practice Group understand the importance of being prepared before problems arise. We help clients develop their document retention policies, sound data management and storage procedures and other preventative measures. Obermayer also recognizes many companies intend to prepare for litigation, but, despite their best intentions, might be sued before those plans are realized.  Under these circumstances, our attorneys have the knowledge and practical experience to respond to e-discovery demands in the most timely and efficient manner, with as little disruption to clients' operations as possible. 

Our interdisciplinary team includes attorneys who have addressed e-discovery issues across many fields of law, guiding clients through all phases of information management and e-discovery, including:   

  • Rule 26(f) conferences
  • 30(b)(6) depositions
  • Developing and implementing records management programs and policies
  • Creating and executing litigation preparedness programs and discovery plans
  • Litigation holds
  • Internal investigations and compliance audits
  • Vendor selection
  • Developing data collection, extraction, and document review processes
  • Document production
  • Discovery coordination and management
  • Court conferences and discovery hearings