Bruce C. Fox

Located in

Pittsburgh, PA

“I am wholly and relentlessly committed to achieving a positive outcome for my clients, whether via settlement or trial.”

- Bruce C. Fox, Partner

“I am wholly and relentlessly committed to achieving a positive outcome for my clients, whether via settlement or trial.”

- Bruce C. Fox, Partner

Bruce handles all manner of complex litigation in federal court and is involved in litigating cases nationwide. He has represented both persons and companies in matters that run the gamut from cases involving employment termination and wage and hour disputes to business contract disputes, business torts, software and IT litigation, trade secret, antitrust, and cybersecurity matters.

One of the primary areas on which Bruce focuses his practice is assisting managerial and executive employees in high-stakes employment disputes and severance negotiations. He also helps technology companies pursue and/or defend technology-related claims in federal court. Bruce is also experienced in complex class action litigation and whistle-blower litigation. Most often, these claims involve software or complex IT systems. Bruce also spearheads Obermayer’s China Practice and aids Chinese businesses and individuals with defending or pursuing litigation within the U.S.

When he isn’t working, Bruce enjoys cycling, skiing, reading, studying politics, and spending time with his wife and five children.

Bruce is a zealous advocate for parties in high-stakes litigation. He has a diverse federal court litigation practice in the following areas: employment, technology and software development, contracts, professional malpractice, and all manner of business disputes. Bruce has earned litigation capabilities nationwide in any federal venue.

Bruce’s most notable cases include:

  • Obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts in high-stakes employment litigation on behalf of managerial and executive employees throughout the country;
  • Prevailing on behalf of an IT company in a bet-the-company case after a bench trial in the Southern District of New York over a bogus security interest claimed by a notorious New York-based hedge fund;
  • Prevailing on behalf of a software development company in an international arbitration case involving claims by an Italian company of negligence relating to technology for virtual online auctions of high-end vintage watches;
  • Representing a Chinese company in the acquisition of a facility for Bitcoin mining and other Chinese companies in the acquisition of high-tech manufacturing businesses;
  • Obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a Chinese company in complex commercial litigation in federal district court involving alleged breach of contract and related business tort claims;
  • A favorable settlement on behalf of a U.S. IT company involving claims by a Japanese-owned multinational company of negligence in the development of optical chips;
  • Obtaining large settlements on behalf of both employers and employees in trade secret and restrictive covenant litigation in federal court;
  • Obtaining a reversal by the Pennsylvania Superior Court in a case of industry-wide significance in the financial services industry;
  • Representing a prominent telecom carrier in defense of wrongful death claims involving issues relating to cybersecurity and identity theft;
  • Representing an IT consulting company in pursuing claims against a major health care provider for failure to make multi-million dollar payments for systems implementation and related IT services;
  • Representing several Chinese companies in trade secret litigation in federal district court;
  • Obtaining large settlements on behalf of a New Jersey-based residential treatment center against its investment bankers and legal advisors arising from a failed acquisition; and
  • Obtaining summary judgment and favorable settlements on behalf of a software development company for theft of intellectual property and trademark infringement.

Bruce is past President of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law Alumni Association. Additionally, Bruce was named as one of Pennsylvania’s “Super Lawyers” as listed in both the Philadelphia magazine (June 2005 & June 2007) and the Law and Politics magazine, “Pennsylvania Super Lawyers” (2005 & 2007 editions).

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