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The attorneys in Obermayer’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice work closely with our clients to assess all disputes from their inception, offering a full-range of resolution options, including negotiation, litigation, arbitration, mediation and other customized options. An important part of our case management strategy, our attorneys include ADR choices in the advice we give to our clients. Our attorneys have found that ADR strategies can enable clients to resolve disputes early, cost-effectively and fairly.

Attorneys in our ADR practice are members of the American Arbitration Association and have served both as mediators and arbitrators. They have successfully participated in and resolved several disputes arising out of construction projects, commercial leases and a host of business related contracts. Our seasoned attorneys have arbitrated insurance disputes pursuant to rules promulgated by the American Arbitration Association, JAMS and the CPR Institute of Dispute Resolution. In addition, one of our attorneys serves as an arbitrator in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.