Obermayer Attorneys Obtain Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case after Six-Day Trial

July 18, 2018

Gary Samms, with the assistance of Nancy Farnen and Tara Dickerman, obtained a defense verdict on July 13, 2018 after a six day trial in Lackawanna County. The medical malpractice case involved allegations of a doctor providing inappropriate care and treatment to a mother prior to conception that resulted in spina bifida in the child. The jury deliberated for two and a half hours after hearing from six experts, various treaters, and parties in the hard fought trial. Mr. Samms presented a geneticist and a maternal fetal medicine expert on behalf of the defendants and was able to show the doctor complied with the standard of care and in fact there could be no factual cause in the resulting spina bifida since spina bifida is a multi-factorial disease.