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Whether it is as complex as advising on comprehensive development projects or as straightforward as obtaining permits and approvals in a cost-effective, timely manner, Obermayer’s Environmental Law Department is known for successfully advising and representing clients on any matter in which environmental laws and regulations are implicated.

Our range of environmental representation includes federal and state litigation, enforcement proceedings and administrative appeals for a vast assortment of clients and industries, such as: national waste-to-energy companies; defense contractors; cogeneration and small power producers; petroleum refiners; and municipalities.

In addition, we regularly provide comprehensive environmental counseling to regional port and railroad terminal operators; public utilities; transportation companies; biosolid and wastewater technology companies; national and regional real estate developers; and multi-national and regional industrial concerns engaged in landfill operations.

To support the department’s attorneys, we co-founded the Environmental Law Network, an affiliation of regional law firms, engineering firms and regulatory analysts located in major cities throughout the Eastern United States.  This network enables us to provide exceptionally efficient and expert advice on environmental concerns in most jurisdictions East of the Mississippi River. It also provides us with ready access to a wide variety of technical, scientific and engineering data and experts.

Our experience includes:

  • Utilizing Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Brownfields” program to promote reuse of real estate and to limit future liability for site developers

  • Successfully guiding developers who “build green” through city and county approval processes, union matters and building and zoning code issues

  • Resolving insurance issues arising in connection with both environmental and property loss claims involving the release of pollutants

  • Serving as liaison and/or common counsel in multi-party litigations

  • Negotiating settlements in Superfund cases

  • Enjoining governmental administrative actions, including imposition of Superfund liens by EPA and landfill closure orders issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

  • Accelerating issuance of air, water, solid waste and wetlands permits

  • Overcoming waste-to-energy, resource recovery and cogeneration facility financing, siting and permitting problems

  • Guiding clients through sophisticated real estate and corporate transactions, including complex acquisitions, divestitures and bankruptcies

  • Negotiating settlements of enforcement orders issued by regulatory agencies