HR Legalist Live Presents: New Landscapes in Employment Law & Global Mobility

October 07, 2021


Join us on Thursday, October 7, 2021, for the next installment of “HR Legalist Live,” where Obermayer attorneys bring their popular blog to life.

This virtual presentation will include:

Labor Law Update: What to Expect Under the Biden Administration

  • The changing composition of the National Labor Relations Board and its likely impact on existing precedent with respect to various common employment policies;
  • Overview of the Protecting the Rights to Organize Act of 2021 (PRO Act) and how it will likely strengthen collective-bargaining efforts, should it pass, and result in the increased unionization of employees.

Business Immigration Update: Travel, Visa Processing, and Managing your Foreign Workforce

  • Consular processing and securing a visa: an overview of the state of U.S. Embassy/Consulate operations around the globe and tips on navigating the visa application process during COVID-19
  • U.S. travel restrictions: Who is allowed into the U.S. and who’s not; impacts on business travel
  • National Interest Exceptions (“NIE”): Overview of the NIE eligibility criteria and request process for a waiver to certain regional travel bans
  • Miscellaneous trends and observations in business immigration in 2021.

Return to Work: Returning to the Office in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Vaccine requirements and their potential exemptions, vaccine alternatives, and CDC/OSHA guidelines
  • Reasonable accommodations for COVID-19 and assessing whether remote work is a reasonable accommodation as many employees return to the workplace.



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