Gary Samms Quoted in The Legal Intelligencer

December 30, 2020

Gary Samms, chair of Obermayer’s catastrophic loss group, was interviewed by The Legal Intelligencer in connection with the impact of COVID-19 on high-dollar personal injury cases. The article ”’Like We’re Stuck in Park’: With COVID Delaying Trials, High-Dollar Settlements Are Stalled in Philadelphia,” by Max Mitchell, published on December 15, 2020, analyzes the concerns of plaintiffs and defense attorneys that without the threat of trial motivating both sides to come together with a settlement agreement, negotiations in the highest value cases have largely ground to a halt. Further, attorneys have also found the defense bar taking a tougher stance, with some plaintiffs attorneys reporting that their clients have been asked to take a “COVID discount.”

Gary stated in the article that movement of cases have stratified across dollar values.
“The effect of going to trial is what people respond to and right now, without that threat, not a lot of people are settling,” he said. He added that no longer having the pressure of a trial has helped the defense stick to its valuation of the case.”

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Gary has comprehensive experience in complex civil litigation matters. His law practice concentrates in the areas of commercial, medical malpractice, professional liability, health care, sexual assault claims, intellectual property litigation and cases of high monetary exposure. As an active litigator, Gary has tried well over 185 major jury trials and has had success in Federal and State court as well as arguing successfully before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Gary is a recognized speaker and lecturer, most frequently speaking on trial tactics, experts, and cross-examination. He has also been published in various health care publications on topics varying from Informed Consent to Selecting an Expert. He has also been featured on Fox Business News’ “Xpert Forum.” He also serves as a Judge Pro Tem for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and serves as a trained mediator.