The Legal Intelligencer: It’s Wedding Season: Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

July 13, 2022

In an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on July 11, 2022, partner and co-chair of the family law group, Hillary Moonay, discusses the importance of prenuptial agreements, the complicated documents that often alter parties’ rights in the event of divorce and sometimes in death.

In the article, titled “It’s Wedding Season: Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?” Hillary provides answers to the most frequent questions about prenuptial agreements asked by clients. 

  1. How long before the wedding should such an agreement be completed?
  2. What do engaged couples need to consider if they want a prenuptial agreement?
  3. Should everyone have a prenuptial agreement or are they primarily for celebrities and those with wealth?
  4. If I sign a prenuptial agreement now, will it be enforceable if I get divorced?
  5. What if we want to change the prenuptial agreement after we are married?

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