Adam Tanker to Moderate a Panel at the PBA Family Law Section Summer Meeting

July 11, 2024

Adam Tanker, a partner at Obermayer, will moderate a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) panel at the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Family Law Section Summer Meeting, scheduled for July 11-14, 2024, in Cambridge, Maryland. His panel, titled “How to be a Great Second Chair: Practical Tips and Techniques for Effective Teamwork Through Trial Preparation and Beyond,” will provide insight into the symbiotic partnerships between a first chair and their second chair from trial preparation to trial to post-trial. This session will provide practical tips and techniques to optimize client representation and avoid attorney burn out. 

Hillary Moonay, Co-Chair of Obermayer’s Family Law Group and Chair of the PBA Family Law Section, will lead the meeting. Her leadership will be crucial in overseeing the planning and execution of all aspects of the event. You can read Hillary’s meeting greetings here.