Obermayer partner Gary Samms, who represents Hahnemann Hospital was interviewed by WHYY

July 01, 2019

Obermayer partner Gary Samms was interviewed by WHYY in connection with Hahnemann Hospital bankruptcy protection filing, made late Sunday, June 30th in Wilmington, Delaware. The hospital announced that it would close in September due to unsustainable financial losses.

Gary Samms, the lawyer for the hospital appeared in a Philadelphia court arguing that in a proceeding there was moot, and that if the city wanted to block the hospital from closing it would have to do it in bankruptcy court.

“All we can do is tell everybody that we have worked with everybody who has been involved, we have met the Secretary of Health, we have met with Drexel, we have opened it up to all the constituents. We are doing it according to the law and in concert with those parties,” Samms said.

Philadelphia City Solicitor Marcel Pratt advised that the case should proceed in Philadelphia court, explaining that before the hospital can close, it needs the approval of the health commissioner before it can close.

The full article can be found here.

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