Obermayer Attorneys to Present at the NBI’s Pennsylvania Advanced Divorce Law 2023

December 12, 2023

Obermayer attorneys Julie Colton, Stephanie Winegrad, and Amanda Frett will present at the Pennsylvania Advanced Divorce Law 2023, hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI) on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. 

Julie Colton‘s panel, titled “Debt and Bankruptcy in Divorce” will cover the following issues:

  1. Credit Card Debt
  2. Mortgage and Auto Loan Debt
  3. Medical Debt
  4. Student Loans
  5. Back Taxes
  6. Bankruptcy and Divorce

Stephanie Winegrad‘s session, titled “Complex Spousal and Child Support Issues” will focus on:

  1. Double Dipping
  2. Modifications
  3. Imputing Income

Amanda Frett‘s panel, titled “Modern Financial Tracing Strategies” will focus on:

  1. Finding Hidden Assets
  2. Accretions and Changes to Pre-Marital Property
  3. Interstate Issues With Prenups and State Division Laws
  4. Assets Owned/Co-Owned by Another Party
  5. Interstate and International Real Estate
  6. Property Classification Issues for Same-Sex Couples