Gary Samms Obtains a Defense Verdict on Behalf of a Gynecologist

October 07, 2022

Gary Samms received a defense verdict on October 6, 2022, on behalf of a gynecologist accused of failing to prescribe appropriate hospital treatment and antibiotics involving a vulvar abscess that became Fournier’s disease/necrotizing fasciitis. The trial in Chester County before the Honorable Jeffrey Sommer involved the testimony of five experts and graphic illustrations. Vital to the successful defense were Barbara Heaton and Raymond Petruccelli.  Gary Samms took over the case one month before the trial from prior counsel and was able to secure the victory.

Gary chairs Obermayer’s Professional Liability Practice Group and the Catastrophic Loss Group. He has comprehensive experience in complex civil litigation matters. His law practice concentrates in the areas of commercial, and medical malpractice, professional liability, health care, sexual assault claims, intellectual property litigation, and cases of high monetary exposure. As an active litigator, Gary has tried well over 185 major jury trials and has had success in Federal and State court as well as arguing successfully before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Learn more about Gary Samms and his practice here.