Gary Samms Discusses the Surge of Medical Malpractice Filings in Philadelphia in The Legal Intelligencer

March 31, 2023

Gary Samms, was quoted on March 31, 2023, in The Legal Intelligencer about the impact of the New Venue Rule on the migration of filings. Medical malpractice filings dropped in Philadelphia’s surrounding counties in January as they surged in the city itself.

Philadelphia medical malpractice filings in January were up 84.2% from their pre-pandemic baseline, according to data from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. Conversely, filings in neighboring Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks counties were a third of what they had been in the past.

“And for those suburban courts, the drop-off could create a ‘tremendous impact’ on case management down the road,” said Gary Samms.

Samms said the full ramifications from the lower case numbers would likely not be apparent in courts until they clear their pandemic backlogs. But once they work their way through the courts’ built-up inventory, he said, they will have fewer cases to manage. With fewer cases, he said, the ones in the system are likely to move faster.


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