Adam Tanker discusses the cryptocurrency market in a PBA Family Law Section podcast

July 07, 2023

Adam Tanker, a family law partner in Obermayer’s Doylestown office, was a featured guest in the 32nd episode of PBA Family Law Section’s podcast  “Law in the Family.” Adam’s podcast, titled “Crypto Craziness and What Is Happening Now,” discusses the recent swings in the cryptocurrency market, how the industry continues to evolve, and what changes he expects next.

Adam focuses his practice on family law litigation, including child and spousal support, custody, divorce, domestic abuse, and mediation. He is a former deputy district attorney for the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, where he served as chief of the Asset Forfeiture Unit; member of the Gangs, Guns, and Drug Unit; and community liaison for gang violence.


Listen to Episode 32 now.