The Legal Intelligencer: Strategies for Effectively Selecting the Right Arbitrator

January 05, 2023

In an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on January 5, 2023, partner and Deputy Chair of Obermayer’s Litigation Department, Matthew Green, discusses the importance of arbitration selection. The article, titled “Strategies for Effectively Selecting the Right Arbitrator,” explores the process of selecting an arbitrator and also offers tips and strategies for making the right choice. In the article, Matt thoroughly examines the “Three Rs—Research, Relationships, and Rank,” which are critical for landing the right person.

“Consider all available options for proceeding with a single arbitrator or panel, and then take the time to carefully conduct due diligence into each proposed person. Once you get to the step of deciding who to select as your arbitrator, the three Rs should dominate your diligence.”

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