Obermayer Partners with Recovery Centers of America and The Hyer Calling Foundation to Advocate for Legal Recovery Community

April 10, 2024

Obermayer is proud to announce its collaboration with Recovery Centers of America (RCA) and The Hyer Calling Foundation (HCF) for an inaugural event aimed at advocating for the legal recovery community. The event, scheduled for May 8 at 2 pm at RCA’s Devon location, marks the launch of a collaborative partnership between RCA and HCF to provide career-related services to RCA alumni seeking reentry into the workforce. Obermayer is co-hosting the event, supporting attorneys in their journey to regain control of their lives and careers.

Kevin Hyer, founder of HCF, expressed the significance of Obermayer’s leadership role in fostering a recovery-friendly environment, stating, “I cannot stress enough how significant it is that Obermayer is taking a leadership role in partnering with HCF and RCA to create such an environment.”

Despite the widespread presence of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in workplaces and the ongoing opioid and fentanyl crises in business and legal communities, it remains uncommon for law firms to actively engage in raising awareness and promoting recovery-friendly workplaces.

Charlie Shute, Senior Counsel at Obermayer, shared his admiration for Kevin’s creation of HCF and the impact it has had over the years, expressing eagerness to re-establish a collaborative partnership. 

“Having watched with interest and admiration Kevin’s creation of HCF and its significant impact over the last several years, I became willing to re-establish a working relationship as collaborative partners. Given Obermayer’s dedication to our labor and employment practice, we are looking forward to helping our clients learn how to navigate the many issues around recovery in the workplace through this highly unique collaboration,” said Shute.

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