Mary Donohue Achieves Seventy Years of Employment at Obermayer

January 25, 2019

Mary Donohue is a well-known name at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP. Short in stature, but tall in spirit, she carries the essence of duty with her as she walks the halls. And she should; she has been employed at the firm since January 24, 1949. Mary has spent 70 loyal years occupying three different firm buildings, completing thousands upon thousands of hours of work, and even rubbing elbows with the original four partners, and the firm’s namesakes, Leon J. Obermayer, G. Ruhland Rebmann Jr., David F. Maxwell and John F.E. Hippel.

Mary’s story is one to which many of us aspire. She began her career at Obermayer with an offer from G. Ruhland Rebmann Jr. himself, turning down an offer at General Electric. Just 17 years old and fresh from high school graduation, Mary started as a clerk in the file department. Over time, she took on roles as a secretary and as the firm’s office manager before finally settling on her lifelong career as a paralegal. However, “her efficiency, neatness, skill, and superb telephone manner often leads her to be mistaken for a lawyer,” according to Obermayer partner and colleague Paul Heintz. Paul would know; he’s worked with Mary for almost 54 years.

Mary focuses her practice on fiduciary matters, including trusts and estates, mortgages, and foreclosures, but her breadth and depth of knowledge is quite expansive. Paul particularly notes her knowledge of conveyancing, which he refers to as, “superb.” Mary can often be found in Obermayer’s Philadelphia office, speed-walking her way through the halls, cheerily greeting everyone she passes. Needless to say, she is an extraordinarily loyal employee. “Mary is one-of-a-kind,” says Mathieu Shapiro, the firm’s Managing Partner, ‘Her institutional knowledge is unparalleled. We are fortunate to have her.”

Mary was also featured in The Legal Intelligencer for this achievement. Click here to see the article.