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Wage and hour disputes can put any employer in a vulnerable situation, especially with the popularity of large, nationwide class and collective actions. Workers who believe that they have not been paid proper minimum wage or overtime pay, who have not been paid for breaks or worked off the clock without payment may pursue wage and hour administrative claims and lawsuits. These lawsuits can be brought on behalf of workers and lead to large settlements or verdicts, going back for up to three years and often involving millions of dollars. Defending a claim, class action or otherwise, can be costly, and federal and state laws in this arena are highly detailed, inconsistent and confusing. Employers are at high risk of making missteps and the back pay, liquidated damages and penalties for even minor violations can far exceed any harm. Government laws and regulations, paired with increased government enforcement actions, have created on-going, significant challenges for employers.

Obermayer’s team of labor and employment attorneys are well-seasoned in working with employers in a variety of industries. We know that the only way for employers to “win” a wage dispute is to avoid it in the first place. We provide companies with the tools they need to operate in compliance with applicable wage and hour laws they face. We also can help audit current payroll practices and correct areas that may be out of compliance with the ever-changing wage and hour rules.

In the event a claim is brought against our client, we have the experience and depth to aggressively defend the claim in federal or state court and before the federal and state agencies that enforce these laws.