Tom Wyatt Presents At PSATS’ 2020 Educational Conference & Exhibit Show

May 04, 2020

Tom Wyatt, chair of the Municipal Infrastructure and Services practice group, will be presenting at the PSATS’s 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibit Show, held on May 3 – 6, 2020 in Hershey, PA. The event offers an unparalleled training and networking opportunity for township officials and employees, as well as the biggest municipal exhibit show of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Tom will lead a workshop, titled “The Pros and Cons of Selling Municipal Water/Sewer Assets” on May 4, 2020 at 2:45 pm. He will provide attendees with information regarding the current market for selling and acquiring municipal water/sewer assets, including a summary of recent public and private transactions, updates on the environmental and PUC developments related to sales/acquisitions and the potential benefits and challenges associated with sales and acquisitions.

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Tom represents local governments and municipal authorities with infrastructure related matters, such as regulatory compliance, bulk sale and services contract negotiations and water and wastewater system purchases and sales. Tom’s close collaboration with municipal solicitor’s and significant practical experience as counsel to municipalities relating to a PUC application under Act 12 and relating to the PA DEP make him a trusted advisor in preparing witness testimonies and drafting water and wastewater planning documents. Beyond his municipal infrastructure and services practice, Tom represents individuals and corporations in business and finance, and corporate governance matters. ​