Terry Mutchler Quoted in The Times Tribune

March 30, 2022

Terry Mutchler, who heads Obermayer’s Transparency and Public Data Practice, was quoted in The Times Tribune in connection with her work on the case of Muth v. Public School Employees’ Retirement Board (PSERS). PSERS is a $70 billion-plus pension plan for about 500,000 current and former public education employees.

The agency faces a civil investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and a criminal investigation by the FBI. The agencies have subpoenaed records regarding PSERS’ adoption of a false figure for its financial performance (which it later corrected), whether PSERS staff accepted outside compensation or gifts from vendors, and the acquisition of real estate in downtown Harrisburg.

Democratic state Sen. Katie Muth of Montgomery County, represented by Terry, sued for access to records regarding real estate purchases, arguing that she needed access to agency records to fulfill her fiduciary duty as a board member.

According to Terry, who represents Pennsylvania Sen. Katie Muth, PSERS likely is the first public pension plan in the United States ever to force one of its own board members to sue for access to pension plan records.

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