Min Suh and Mehreen Usman Share Their Thoughts About the 1L Year as a First Generation Law Students

August 30, 2023

Min Suh, an employment-based immigration partner, and Mehreen Usman, a 2L at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School who interned at Obermayer, were featured guest authors in The Legal Intelligencer. The article, titled “A First Generation Law Student’s Thoughts About the 1L Year,” published on August 29, 2023, explores Min’s and Mehreen’s experiences in law school. 

When I first arrived at law school, I didn’t know what to expect from my classes. No one in my family had been to law school, nor had anyone I knew. What kind of literature would we be reading? Would I learn what role a lawyer has in shaping the law itself? What exactly does a law firm do?

Min encourages practicing attorneys to be involved with first-generation law students, whether serving as a mentor to their summer associates or working through a law school or organizations that support first-generation law students.

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