Mathieu Shapiro Discusses the Delay of Ernst & Young Split in an Interview with Accounting Today

March 13, 2023

Obermayer managing partner Mathieu Shapiro was interviewed by Accounting Today in connection with the legal and regulatory compliance issues impacting the delay of Ernst & Young (EY) split. The article, titled “EY delays split amid contentious issues,” published on March 10, 2023, discusses EY’s plans to spin off the consulting side of the global network as a separate publicly traded company as it works to appease warring partner factions.

“I think that we are watching an incredibly complicated transaction,” said Mathieu. “The regulatory, compliance and legal issues of splitting up 13,000 partners operating in [150] different countries have to be incredibly overwhelming. When you have that many component pieces of the company that you are trying to break up, you have to come up with an organizational structure in which nobody perceives winners and losers. You’ve got all kinds of interacting obligations to each other and to the different component pieces, which just create an enormous amount of complexity.”

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