Julie Colton Quoted in ​The Philadelphia Inquirer

March 24, 2020

Obermayer partner Julie Colton was interviewed for “Dogs of divorce: Who gets the fur baby when a marriage goes bust?​,” an article published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on March 19, 2020. Julie discussed “fur babies” and the introduction of pet custody laws. Currently, only Alaska, Illinois, and California have pet custody laws. If the new bill, HB 1432, introduced in 2019, is passed, Pennsylvania judges will also have a guide for pet guardianship in divorce cases. Though, many believe that the legislation likely would not end all dog fights. In the article, Julie stated that “the bill does not address pet disputes between nonmarried couples, nor how the definition of marital property would interact with the pet custody legislation. And it is still not clear if the court would have the authority to order someone to provide financial support for a pet.”
She also noted that the passage of a pet custody law could open the door to more litigation, adding to an already overburdened court system. “In cases of abuse, pet litigation could be utilized to further harass someone,” concluded Julie.

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Julie focuses her practice on family law matters including divorce, child custody, support, asset division, prenuptial agreements, and international custody. Julie also has experience in mediation and collaborative law. Julie’s practice approach is to provide clear, open communication with her clients regarding expectations and outcomes. She helps her clients sort out the legal aspects of a case from the emotions that are invariably involved so they are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. When necessary, Julie will fight on behalf of her clients to achieve the best possible legal outcome in court.