Who We Are

Local Governments & Municipal Authorities

A highly regarded team of experienced attorneys helping public bodies with regulatory compliance, difficult litigation and sophisticated fiscal issues.

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We understand that representing governmental entities is different than assisting private companies ­ and that navigating complex local and state government regulations and policies requires a understanding of the procedural and substantive legislative and administrative policy that is unique to governmental entities. Our attorneys, therefore, are sensitive to the cost-effective needs of government entities, especially during times when revenues are tight or shrinking. We appreciate the need for coordinated and professional representation and offer creative and effective solutions that achieve their objectives.

Our Value

Our attorneys represent municipalities, school districts and zoning hearing boards as their appointed solicitor or special counsel in a wide array of matters including, but not limited to:

  • Lobbying and drafting legislation;
  • Zoning, subdivision and land development applications;
  • Real estate matters;
  • Conveyance of municipal assets;
  • Litigation;
  • Public finance;
  • Bankruptcy, restructurings, and workouts; and
  • Contract negotiations and public employment law.

Our goal is to provide our municipal and public entity clients with real-time strategies and solutions to the economic challenges facing governmental bodies, taxing and municipal authorities, and school districts.

Obermayer’s attorneys recognize the role that effective communication plays in the success of our public clients’ daily operations. Our extensive experience and long-standing relationships ­ inside and outside the public sector ­ yield effective results and maximum value. Working efficiently and effectively with state and federal legislative and regulatory concerns ensures that our public and private clients access the appropriate and most effective corridors of the federal, state, and local centers of power.

Our Clients

Local and regional governments and municipal authorities ­ including counties, boroughs and townships, and zoning and planning boards ­ seek our help when facing fiscal and operational challenges, such as regulatory compliance, litigation, and financial or other transactions.

Our attorneys have represented public entities in several states and in a variety of capacities, from general representation to litigation to public finance. We have also worked with independent state and local authorities in financing transactions and debt restructurings.

Our Focus

Municipal and other public entity clients turn to our attorneys when facing complex, often large scale, public finance work and bond issues. In addition we provide counsel and representation on:

  • Waste and sewer disposal initiatives;
  • Environmental matters; and
  • Zoning and land use issues.

Obermayer attorneys also serve as special counsel for contract negotiations, including police and other municipal worker contracts, and have represented government entities in employee grievances and other employment issues.

Our attorneys have worked in a variety of projects in the United States and abroad, including:

  • Acting as special transactional counsel to municipalities considering the monetization of their water and sewer systems and treatment facilities;
  • Acting as special counsel to municipalities in consideration of complex subdivision and land development application;
  • Acting as bond counsel to local government units in the issuance of general obligation and limited obligation debt instruments to fund capital projects and refinance existing debt;
  • Acting as special counsel to a county redevelopment authority in defense of a claim for specific performance for the sale of real estate owned by a local school district;
  • Acting as a special counsel to a municipality in bankruptcy proceedings filed by a developer that involved property on which the municipality held a mortgage; and
  • Acting as labor counsel to municipalities and school districts in the negotiation of employment agreements, union contracts and handling of grievances filed by employees.