Maria Panichelli to Present at Summit Insight’s GovCon Webinar Series

February 25, 2021

Join Maria Panichelli on Thursday, February 25, 2021 as she presents at at Summit Insight’s GovCon Webinar Series, titled “Federal Subcontracting for Success.” In this session, Maria will explain how to successfully navigate the subcontracting process as a prime, and as a sub. This webinar will cover essential issues that prime contractors and subcontractors must keep in mind when negotiating and drafting subcontracts for use on federal projects. The hosts will walk you through FAR flow-down clauses and other critical provisions, and explain how to think about disputes and payment clauses. Pass through claims and claims between prime and subcontractors will also be discussed. Primes will learn how to structure an agreement to avoid a two-front battle between the owner and subcontractors. Subs will learn how to avoid getting lost among confusing and conflicting contract clauses, or get stuck without remedy for damages incurred.

Maria is the chair of Obermayer’s Government Contracting department. She focuses her practice exclusively on federal government contracting and procurement, guiding her clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their federal contracts. Maria has represented her clients before numerous federal agencies, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Contract Boards of Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and other state and federal courts. Her primary practice areas include: Bid Protest Litigation (both asserting and defending/intervening); REAs, Claims and Claim Appeal Litigation; Performance and Compliance Counseling; Federal Subcontracting (including the negotiation and drafting of FAR-compliant subcontracts, sub/prime dispute resolution, pass-through claims and liquidating agreements); and Small Business Procurement.