Maria Panichelli to Present at CIRAS Webinar “COVID Compliance Requirements for Federal Government Contractors”

November 09, 2021

Join Maria Panichelli on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, as she presents at a CIRAS webinar titled, “COVID Compliance Requirements for Federal Government Contractors.” In this panel, Maria will walk you through what you need to know: where these new protocols came from; what exactly you (and your subs) need to do to be compliant; when you need to do it; and the important things you need to think about in the immediate and long term. Maria will discuss how to deal with and respond to proposed modifications to existing contracts, as well as how to plan for new solicitations including the COVID deviation clause.

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Maria is the chair of Obermayer’s Government Contracting department. She focuses her practice exclusively on federal government contracting and procurement, guiding her clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their federal contracts. She provides comprehensive legal counseling that allows her clients to successfully navigate the complicated legal requirements related to federal contracting while fulfilling their own business goals. Maria has represented her clients before numerous federal agencies, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Contract Boards of Appeals as well as the Court of Federal Claims and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and other state and federal courts. Though her practice is not limited to construction alone, Maria has substantial experience with a wide range of construction-related issues such as defective designs; defective specifications; differing site conditions; express, implied and constructive changes; suspensions; delays; and liquidated damages.

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