Partner Maria Panichelli Records Two Webinars on Partnering in Government Contracting

March 26, 2019

Are you a business owner looking to win bigger federal contracts? Or, are you trying to out-grow your small business size standard? See partner Maria Panichelli‘s webinars titled, “Mentor Protégé Programs and Joint Ventures: Everything You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know,” and “Partnering in GovCon: Best Practices in Teaming.

Recorded on March 21, 2019, Maria’s webinars cover how joint ventures can not only expand partners’ capabilities, but also open up new streams of revenue and pave the way for strong foundational growth.

Maria is a new partner in Obermayer’s Government Contracting Department, which she is the key contact for. She focuses her practice exclusively on federal government contracting and procurement, guiding her clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their federal contracts. Click here to learn more about Maria and her practice.