Lewis Recruits Volunteers Via Tangled Title Cases Seminar

September 28, 2018

Peter Lewis, Esquire, Partner at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel, partnered with Philadelphia VIP and Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership to conduct a training seminar for attorneys and paralegals. The seminar, titled “A Guide to Representing Clients in Tangled Title Cases,” was designed to teach legal staff how to better help clients with tangled title issues and recruit volunteers to assist those in need.

Tangled title issues occur when the occupant of a home owns an interest on the home but is not the owner of record. Without record title, a person cannot receive a grant or loan, enter into a payment plan for delinquent water, sewer, or real estate tax bills, obtain homeowner’s insurance, and more. This can lead to the resident living in unsafe conditions or becoming homeless entirely.

For more information about this project or if you would like to volunteer, Lewis may be contacted at peter.lewis@obermayer.com.