From The Philadelphia Inquirer: That empty lot across from Pat’s and Geno’s? Apartments, rowhouses likely soon at Philly’s cheesesteak corner.

August 19, 2019

Obermayer partner Michael Phillips, who represents Hightop Real Estate & Development was recently interviewed by reporter Caitlin McCabe for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After nearly 30 years of community opposition to proposed developments and denials of variance requests, Michael Phillips helped Hightop obtain zoning approval.  Though, according to the attorney, the ZBA mistakenly granted variances on an older version of Hightop’s plans — meaning the zoning permits on the city’s website show building dimensions and density slightly different from what Hightop plans to build. Hightop still intends to follow through on its project for the 21 apartments, plus three townhouses, featuring on their website “Wharton Flats” a mixed-use construction project “located across the street from the iconic Pat’s and Geno’s Steakhouses.”

The article recalls that the 9,000 square feet lot across from Pat’s King of Steaks in East Passyunk has been vacant for decades despite its prime location and several development attempts.

The full article can be accessed here.

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