Social Media icons 69481675_FullI was watching the Today show and viewed a story about Whitney Beall, a twenty-three year old woman from Lakeland, Florida, who was arrested for drunk driving after several people witnessed her “antics” on Periscope, a live-steaming social media site. During her “twenty minutes of fame,” Ms. Beall can be witnessed slurring her speech, driving over a curb, and fully admitting to driving her car while intoxicated. The story went on to explain how the police used her Periscope video, after several viewers called 911 to report her, to pinpoint her location. Within twenty minutes of downloading her video, law enforcement had her pulled over and was administering sobriety tests, which she failed and resulted in her DUI charge. After reviewing her video, while sober, Ms. Beall stated to NBC affiliate WFLA that she had “learned her lesson and what happened was a big mistake.” Continue Reading