July 18, 2012-- Obermayer white collar crime attorney and former PA Deputy Attorney General, Walter Cohen, has been a regular commentator regarding developments in the Jerry Sandusky case and related issues involving Penn State University on WHP-TV21 News (the CBS Harrisburg affiliate), and has also appeared on the NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, MSNBC and WHTM-TV27 News (the ABC Harrisburg affiliate).

In addition, having formerly served as Pennsylvania Attorney General and Secretary of Public Welfare, Cohen provides legal analysis to the Harrisburg Patriot-News concerning the ongoing Grand Jury Investigation and the recent trial and conviction of Mr. Sandusky.

Cohen’s recent appearance was on the PCN (Pennsylvania's Neighborhood) TV program On the Issues: The Freeh Report Reaction where he appeared alongside NBC Legal Analyst and Duquesne Law Professor Wes Oliver to discuss the reaction to FBI Director Louis B. Freeh’s eight-month internal investigation of Pennsylvania State University related to the child sexual abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky.

Click here to view the program (Air date July 16, 2012).