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The Doctor Will See You Right Now: Understanding Urgent Care Centers


In today’s busy world, convenience is a prized commodity. From pre-ordering and paying online for your favorite Starbucks drink to pulling up instantaneous directions on Google Maps, people value solutions that save time and make their lives easier. This trend carries over into the health care industry; most notably in the increasing popularity of urgent care centers. Since health insurance companies, like Independence Blue Cross, began to cover the health care provided at these clinics, their popularity and prevalence has skyrocketed.

Urgent care centers are modeled to facilitate quality, affordable, and convenient medical care for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. Urgent care centers generally allow for walk-in appointments, which spares patients the time required to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician and to wait for the appointment time and date. Moreover, urgent care centers tend to have flexible hours. They may be open on weekends or evenings, and may be more convenient for someone juggling a busy schedule. In addition, many urgent care centers have x-rays or laboratory testing, but are generally less expensive than a hospital emergency room. Continue Reading