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Pennsylvania Prenuptial Agreements

iStock_000017213213Small (1)Prenuptial Agreements, also known as premarital agreements, are agreements entered into between two prospective spouses, who contemplate marriage, and wish for the agreement to become effective upon their marriage. The purpose of the agreement, which is considered a contract between the two prospective spouses, is to set out in writing exactly how the couple will divide their marital estate in the event of a divorce, or the death of one party. Although it may not be considered very romantic to discuss and enter into a prenuptial agreement at the same time you are picking out your wedding dress, flowers, and reception venue, in the event of divorce or death, it will save the spouses from experiencing the fear and insecurity of not knowing what assets will be received, when the assets will be received, and how much, if any, support will be issued.  Continue Reading