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House of Horrors: What is the Purpose of Children and Youth Services?

Child abuse_000022510110_LargePicture a bedroom–with little to no lighting, where all of the carpet has been removed, flies thrive upon the human feces covering the room, and the door leading from this dreadfulness is locked because the knob has been purposefully reversed. Sounds like a description of a room from a horror novel, right? Unfortunately, it was where Jarrod Tutko, Jr., who at the age of nine years, diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, weighing only 16.9 pounds, and having several painful abscessed teeth, lived, and sadly died. This was his bedroom, a place where he was supposed to feel safe from the rest of the world, but instead it became his tomb, where for four days after his death, his body was left to decompose, while his parents lived just outside the door, the door they chose to lock. Continue Reading