A sampling of Obermayer's HR Legalist Blog's recent post on fantasy football leagues in the workplace can be read here.

The start of a new NFL season brings with it the start of a new fantasy football season.  According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, approximately 24.3 million people play fantasy football.   Many fantasy leagues are employer-sponsored or conducted in the workplace.  The 2013 Vault Office Betting Survey estimates that 70% of employees have participated in a betting pool in the workplace.  Of that 70%, 35% of employees have participated in fantasy leagues.  Some employees play for mere bragging rights, while others play for profit which could implicate a number of legal issues for employers.  So before you start evaluating whether you should trade Adrian Peterson for Calvin Johnson (that would be a tough decision), make sure your company is aware of the following legal risks associated with allowing a fantasy football league at the office.

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