President Obama is preparing to announce a 10-point plan to overhaul U.S. immigration policy via executive action, according to a draft proposal, that could add as many as five million new legal workers. The president is expected to make the announcement shortly after his return from the Asia Summit. Our readers doubtless are aware that the United States is home to roughly 12 million illegal immigrants. Voices from across the political spectrum have long called for reform of the nation’s immigration system. As Chief Executive, the president is responsible for administration of our immigration system. Invoking his executive authority, the president proposes a 10-point plan to expand employment authorization, increase the number of skilled worker visas, heighten border security, and increase deportations of criminal aliens.  Four of the president’s proposed measures are of particular note because they will result in a dramatic increase in the number of foreign workers who will be joining the legal workforce, paying taxes, completing I-9s, driving cars, enrolling in schools, obtaining car and health insurance, and participating more robustly in the U.S. economy. These four measures are:

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